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Same here! I blame it on our antispam blocking software, but who knows!

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Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 4:29 PM
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In the "Vantage 8 Service Connect" thread, I never received Kelly's "You win!" email below. When I signed into Yahoo Vantage to look into this, also noticed I never received Mark's "We are." email.

And I sometimes get a response BEFORE the original message. I'm not using the digest option.

Anyone else experience this? Or should I blame Verizon?

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From: "Michael Barry" <mbarry@...>
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Oracle is perhaps a superior platform if you happen to have an encyclopedic
knowledge of its tuning parameters. SQL Server trumps all with its
connectivity to productivity applications and the sheer volume of available
dba talent. Progress wins for Vantage owing to its native integration with
OE. MySQL just recently acquired ACID compliant transactional capabilities
and will undoubtedly become the database of choice for mission critical
systems if only, as you have pointed out, for cost considerations.

All marketing claims to the contrary, Epicor has a much tighter relationship
with Progress than with MS dating all the way back to the DCD days. Staying
with Progress is certainly the prudent decision at this point in the product


p.s. With all the talk of the service connect issues, I'm surprised that no
mention has been made of the rather clumsy full text indexing implementation
that SQL Server requires.

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Andrew Reed
Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 12:15 PM
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IMHO Progress is a step down from Oracle, and SQL server is a step (or
more...) down from Progress. Epicor is pushing SQL server because of their
partnership with Microsoft. From a developers perspective, MySQL is just as
good, if not better (by far MUCH cheaper) than SQL server. Hundreds of
developers and Thousands of MySQL driven websites can't be wrong.

Keep in mind though, that SQL server is slower! We won't/can't even
consider using SQL server for our 8.0 upgrade. Epicor didn't suggest it

Andrew Reed


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Kelly Potratz
Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 11:51 AM
Subject: Re: [Vantage] Re: Vantage 8 Service Connect

You win!

The extra cost you will have to get that going now is huge! That's a
pretty big mistake by Epicor.

cpsadp <cpsadp@...> wrote:
I can do you one better: Epicor also pushed us away from SQL.
However, Advanced Print Mgmt and Service Connect BOTH NEED SQL, but no one
told us that until the installer showed up here. I even specifically asked
them about SQL. I'm guessing that the push to progress on the 8.0 side is
all about their programmers. They build with progress as the back end and
that's the only db that they can be fairly sure will respond as expected.


--- In, Kelly Potratz <kpotratz_05@...>
> I also attened this webcast. We purchase Vantage 8.0 last March,
and at the time I wanted to implment SQL server. We talked to several
people at Epicor, and they all directed us away from SQL server and pushed
us in the Progress direction. In the end they said to stay away from SQL.
> Today in the webcast it was a completely different story! They
are an authorized reseller of SQL? If so, why didn't they want us to run
SQL??? I guess it seems that with some of the additional products requiring
SQL server, that they may be heading in the Microsoft direction. If not,
then Epicor is quite the opposite of what they preached in their
presentation - a different database for each product is not my idea of
efficient integration.
> Chris Robisch <> wrote:
> Just attended a webcast on .Net and SOA. In the Question/Answer
period it was stated that Service Connect requires MS SQL which
implies an advantage over Progress I wasn't aware of.
> Can anyone shed more light on this? How many are using Progress
instead of SQL for V8?

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