Specified Supplier Delivery Days

Good Morning,

I am wondering if there is any way in Epicor to establish a specific day of the week that a supplier delivers so that PO Suggestions always shifts the requested material due date to the next available delivery day for that supplier. For example, Supplier X only delivers on Wednesdays so I want any suggestions that fall after Wednesday to schedule the due date for the following Wednesday.

The only thing I am aware of currently that allows for scheduling something in this fashion is on the operations level by tying a calendar to a resource. Just curious if there is any way to do something like this for material requirements.

Have you looked at the Purchase Contract module? This is as close as Epicor gets to a blanket PO but it allows you to set a delivery schedule and then the purchase suggestions are supposed to be moved to the next delivery date. Kind of like Number of Days supply but for fixed time parameters.

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