Speed of MRP Full Regen


What is your speed of MRP Full Regen and what is considered normal?

200k Parts = 3-5hrs here despite adding 8 processors and 8 schedulers or 1 and 1. E10.1.500.26. Is it me or was E9 much faster.

We have 320K parts, 2500+ jobs and MRP regen is in the 5-7 hour range. Currently in 10.0.700.4 but tests in 10.1.600.4 show the same results.
We tried a variety of processor and scheduler combinations and settled on 3 processors and 1 scheduler. We got the most consistent results with this setup.

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So I did more testing… I believe there is something very wrong with our Hardware at work… So I decided to replicate the environment on other servers that are not VMWare:

MRP FULL Regen Results - 200k parts, 7 BOM Levels Deep, Finite Scheduling, 8 processors and 8 schedulers.
Corporate Servers MRP: 4-5hrs
Haso i3 MRP: 1hr20min (Lenovo Thinkserver from NewEgg 299$)
Haso Xeon MRP: 40min
Haso i5 MRP: 1hr18min

So now I know that MRP in 10.1.500.26 is capable of running in under 1 hour if you have normal hardware. Let me know if you ever want to Setup a weekend session to run yours on the ThinkServer - seems to kickass on an i3.