Split PO Suggestion

We have orders that carry flow downs from customers that I need to send to suppliers. I am attempting to use the PegDmdMst table to split the PO suggestion. The query runs and the data gets updated, but the write doesn't happen or I can't find in the table.

What is the proper sequence to create a new record, copy original and change the index, then write new record? This is a data directive on PegSupMst

My latest attempt is below.


Greg Payne

define buffer SugPODtl_new for SugPODtl.

For each PegLink fields ( SupplySeq DemandSeq PartNum ) where ttPegSupMst.Company = PegLink.Company and ttPegSupMst.Plant = PegLink.Plant and ttPegSupMst.SupplySeq = PegLink.SupplySeq,
each PegDmdMst fields ( DemandOrdNum DemandType DemandQty WarehouseCode CheckBox01 CheckBox02 CheckBox03 CheckBox04 CheckBox05 ShortChar01 ShortChar02 )
where PegDmdMst.Company = PegLink.Company and PegDmdMst.Plant = PegLink.Plant and PegLink.DemandSeq = PegDmdMst.DemandSeq and PegDmdMst.DemandType = 'J'.

Message " DEBUG - In Add new suggestion - Current Seq " + string(PegLink.DemandSeq) + " PartNum " + PegLink.PartNum.

/* Find Last SugPODtl where PegDmdMst.Company = SugPODtl.Company and PegDmdMst.Plant = SugPODtl.Plant using SugNum. */
Assign SugPODtlSeq = SugPODtlSeq + 1. /* Find Last Suggestion Number and increment */

Message " DEBUG New SugPODtl Sequence " + string(SugPODtlSeq).

Find SugPODtl where PegDmdMst.Company = SugPODtl.Company and
PegDmdMst.Plant = SugPODtl.Plant and PegLink.SupplySeq = SugPODtl.SugNum. /* Get Original Suggestion record */

Create SugPODtl_new. /* Create Temp SugPODtl Buffer */
BUFFER-COPY SugPODtl TO SugPODtl_new. /* Copy Original suggestion to New */

Assign SugPODtl_new.SugNum = SugPODtlSeq. /* Assign new Suggestion Number */

Assign SugPODtl_new.CheckBox01 = PegDmdMst.CheckBox01. /* Specialty Metals ( Buy America ) */ /* Assign Flowdowns for this demand */
Assign SugPODtl_new.CheckBox02 = PegDmdMst.CheckBox02. /* ITAR Required */
Assign SugPODtl_new.CheckBox03 = PegDmdMst.CheckBox03. /* DFAR Required */
Assign SugPODtl_new.CheckBox04 = PegDmdMst.CheckBox04. /* ROHS Requested */
Assign SugPODtl_new.CheckBox05 = PegDmdMst.CheckBox05. /* REACH Compliance Requested */

Assign SugPODtl_new.ShortChar01 = PegDmdMst.ShortChar01. /* DPAS Rating */
Assign SugPODtl_new.ShortChar02 = PegDmdMst.ShortChar02. /* Contact Number */
Assign SugPODtl_new.Character01 = string(PegDmdMst.DemandOrdNum). /* Job Number */

Assign SugPODtl_new.RelQty = PegDmdMst.DemandQty. /* Assign Quantity from this Demand */
Assign SugPODtl_new.XRelQty = PegDmdMst.DemandQty.

Message "DEBUG - Add SugPODtl " + SugPODtl_new.PartNum + string(SugPODtl_new.sugnum) + string(SugPODtl_new.RelQty).
Message "DEBUG - Ratings " + SugPODtl_new.ShortChar05.

/* Release SugPODtl_new. */ /* Write Record */



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