SPLIT PO suggestion

hi All

Is it possible split the PO details after ran MRP \ PO suggestion ?

i.e. Materials A requirement is come from multiple Work Order with 600pcs,
I would like the PO suggestion can show 100pcs from WO A, 200pcs from WO B and 300pcs from WO C?


Hello Kevin

You can make the part Buy To Order. That way, any new PO Suggestion will linked to the demand.

hi Davis
I had tried that before, but buy to order will have not inventory transaction , we requires proceed material issue from warehouse to production,


A few things:

  1. Make sure the part’s Days of Supply are 1 or zero, otherwise PO Suggestions will group demand across multiple days.
  2. If the demand is for the same day, you will get one PO Suggestion but if it’s for multiple Jobs then you will end up with one PO Line and multiple releases. If you want those releases to be their own PO Line then on that Part’s Part Class you want to enable ‘Split PO Line’ and then for the Purchase Comment make sure the comments are different. (This is annoying if you commonly change the Description, see an Idea that you can vote up: Split PO Line on Description | Epicor ERP Ideas (aha.io))
  3. When reviewing the PO Suggestions, you can change the PO Suggestion Qty, Generate the PO for that one and the next time PO Suggestions run it will generate a Suggestion for the balance.
  4. The only other option is to do as @DavisStd1 suggested.

If you need an inventory transaction, why does it matter that the demand not be aggregated on the PO?

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