Splitting Job Lots - Do you do it?

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I am trying to wrap my head around the scheduling side of Epicor still. Today I am diving into split lots. For sake of clarity I will explain how we split lots using an example.

We get a sales order (12345) for 100 pieces due next month. We make a job (12345/1) from that SO for 100 pieces. The job runs through the first two ops, then our customer says, “We actually need 25 of those parts next week.”

At this point we can’t keep running all 100 parts or we would never get the first 25 parts off to the customer by the end of the week. To address this, we duplicate the paperwork for the job (12345/1) and create a split lot job (12345/1A) for 25 parts. The new job is not recorded in Epicor, it only exists in the printed paperwork. Now the 25 pieces can be sent off on a fast track through the rest of the necessary ops, while the other 75 pieces remains on the original job.

After all is said and done, we have to wait for all the split lots to ship and come back to finance for costing and closing. The top level job can’t be closed until all the split lots are back in.

This process can be nested. I have seen some older paperwork with a split lot of a split lot of a top level lot. For example, 12345/1A1.

We all understand here that this process is a nightmare. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to get rid of it. As it stands, we need the process in place to keep track of everything accurately.

My question to you all is: How do you do split lots? If you have a job for 100 parts running on the floor, and you need to get 25 of those parts through ASAP while the remainder waits, what process do you follow? Is there some process in Epicor that would facilitate this split lot process?

Thank you for your time and consideration!

We just use the split-job function in Epicor. It creates the new job and even divides up the labor and material costs up the point where you dove tail things.

At that point, they’re separate jobs. We schedule them independently and treat the resulting lots as separate. Because they are separate lots. They weren’t produced together as one batch.

We use this same process for failed/rework parts too. Good parts continue along the original job. Failed parts are split into a new job with a rework op slotted into it.

This process not only works for us, but has been blessed by some of the largest aerospace companies in the world. They have strict rules on traceability.


Can you tell me where this is?

Job Entry->Action Menu->Job->Split Job

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Awesome! I am checking it out now. This seems like exactly what we need to be using. It makes me wonder why we aren’t already using it.