Sporatic Client Install Issue - 10.2.400 & 10.1.600

I have been doing installs for our upgrade rollout. 3 of my 45 clients are experiencing the same problem. The only database/environment that is available during the shortcut creation is default.

If I select the default and click through the initial install works and a icon pointing to the default.sysconfig file is created. If I go to the C:\Epicor\Client\Config folder, all of my db sysconfig files are there. The permissions of this folder are identical to other machines that have installed correctly and all the computers are on the same domain. If I try to run the software I get a launch error because the default.sysconfig file it’s looking for isn’t there and the file is named default.sysconfig.template. (can’t post 2 pics in post)

Changing the sysconfig file pointer in the shortcut properties to one of the other files fails to make the software even open. It’s like not all the files are being copied over. Permissions of the epicor folder and the child folders are all identical.

Has to be some sort of crazy permissions problem. If I log in as a domain admin, the install works as it should. I have ran the installer from the local user as administrator and have the issue.

I have run into this as well even though I am an Admin on the domain.

I just copy the program files from a working client in this case.

I’ve seen this happen if the domain user name running the installer contains a space.

Infuriating until you work it out, but once you understand it working around it ought to be straightforward.

I’ve reported this to support previously, I would assume I’m far from the only one but so far I’ve seen no sign of a fix.

Ouch - I always avoid using spaces in username fields. In the “Full Name” or equivalent then it’s all yours, go for it… but never the username!

Just to add this is being tracked under PRB0203716: it appears a fix may be targeted against 10.2.500.

From my original ticket:

Looking into how this list is retrieved I can see that the installer unpacks a tool (EpiInstallUtility.exe) to a temporary folder and creates a batch file to call this.

In my case the batch file contains:

call C:\Users\derek maclucas\AppData\Local\Temp\mia1\EpiInstallUtility.exe -task=sysconfiglist -path=“\erpapp1\erp10.2.200.0deployment” -tempfile=“C:\Users\derek maclucas\AppData\Local\Temp\sysconfigs.txt”

Note that while the pathnames to the arguments are correctly quoted there are no quotes around the path to the executable, as a result this fails to run if there is a space in the path to the temporary folder – which in our environment means failure if the users name contains a space.

Thanks for the feedback. None of the users in question have any spaces or special characters in their names. I used an earlier reply and logged in as a local admin and the install went as it should, then logged in as the local user and created desktop shortcuts. All seems to be working. Although I have a work around, it would be nice to find the root cause of the problem so if the day ever comes that I automate these rollouts I don’t run into these issues.