SQL Server locking

We are using Vantage 8.03.409a with SQL Server back end.

In last couple of weeks we are experiencing frequent SQL Server locks on tforddtl (transfer order detail table).

These locks last roughly 3-5 minutes on an INSERT command. It's happening about 4-5 times per day. Less frequently it is an UPDATE query on same table.

Any client that is attempting to access anything relating to the transfer order detail table will experience lock up, and if lasting as long as 180 seconds, they then get a 4GL error.Â
I see the locks and blocked transactions by looking at the built in report in SQL Management Studio. (Right-click the database, Reports -> Standard Reports -> All blocking Transactions.)

Has anyone seen this kind of problem before? In 6 years on Vantage 8 I've seen a lot of 4Gl errors, but I have never seen the SQL Server showing row locking problems. This has just started in last couple weeks.

Also, if you look at the INSERT query on SQL Server, I just see P1, P2, P3, etc as values for the insert. I assume that's what Progress is sending, but how can I see the actual data? I was originally thinking there was something a bad about a particular transfer order that was causing this, but I have no idea how to get the actual TO # from this data.Â

Thanks for reading this far, and for any help you can offer.

Anthony Hughes

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