SSAS Datasource in EDD

I just got our 10.2 test server up and noticed that EDD now only allows BAQ and OData data sources. It looks like all of the MSAS code is still in the /bin directory though. Is this a licensing issue or are MSAS Cubes no longer supported? @bconner

I believe the SSAS data source is a roadmap feature not released yet. It was going to be an upgraded license. If I missed a release Brian will kick me for not paying attention :wink:

Thanks so much! Instead of charging a license fee and limiting the adoption by users why not open source it and offer a hosted solution? Then you can charge a per user per month fee for a mobile accessible BI tool (big deal with on premise customers) and we can build connectors to other services that we need to report against?

You would not believe the variety of discussions we have behind the scenes…

I only see a small slice but our Product Management group owns this aspect of go to market and keep the lights on to stay in business to continue to support folks. If you can ever find one at an event, please brainstorm with them. It’s an interesting change the industry in general is going thru.

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Yes so. 10.2.300 we will officially be shipping EDD Advanced Edition which is where the SSAS data source type lives so Bart is correct.

Technically speaking we had that capability all the way from 10.2.100 but decided to hold back on bringing out that advanced license so that it was more fully featured on launch. The major things there being standalone security (log in for msas users who are not erp users) and the ability to create your own data security rules inside edd.

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Also i’ll pass your comment on saas edd licensing on to our pm group. We don’t currently have a cloud -> on premise connector but we’ve discussed doing something like that a few times to enable that kind of service. In .300 there is cloud edd with advanced edition (though the “standalone” login portion is more limited) but only for our cloud erp customers.

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