SSL Certificate for Public Cloud

I’m completely clueless when it comes to back end networking stuff. I’m having my MSP get us a third party certificate so we can use REST 2.0 on our Cloud environment we are moving to. I went looking for documentation that would help me answer the questions my MSP asked; or at least find something I could forward when I did not understand what it said. I could not find anything and opened a ticket. The ticket is moving like a :snail:; so I thought I would reach out and see if anyone here could help. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here are the 3 things my MSP asked me to get answers on.

What A record and/or CNAME record will be needed for DNS?
Where do we determine and apply the subdomain to be used?
Confirm that we can just enter in a PFX (with private key) into this portal page.

You don’t need another certificate to use Epicor Kinetic REST 2.0 in cloud.
Your connection will be working with Saas certificate for *, and it will work for any Epicor SaaS connection.


Which cloud provider is your MSP using?

@Olga Thanks for the response. I definitely came “as advertised”.

So I only need to generate a key in my environment and supply the key to who/whatever needs it.

@Mark_Wonsil we are moving to the Public Gov Cloud with Epicor.

@Olga one more question (or if anyone else wants to jump in).

We are going to the Cloud but our Epicor ECM is staying on prem. Should I be getting a certificate for ECM to secure the connection to Epicor?

If you will access to your ECM installation by https, then you will need a certificate for that, signed by some valid certificate authority