SSRS 2012 Checkbox for Calculated Field value in SSRS

I have a BAQ with a Calculated value SlowMover

Datetype is bit and the WORKING statement is:

(case when PartCURRDmdandQOH.Part_PartDecor_c = ‘TB Endeavor’ then 0 else 1 end)

Results display correctly.


I cannot get this calculated field to work in SSRS at all. I have tried IIF statements and or simply returning the value 1 or 0 from the BAQ. It doesn’t work.


Perhaps you are running into a datatype issue in the SSRS field itself. what if you tried

IIF(Fields!PartCURRDmdandQOH_Part_PartDecor_c.Value = "1", true, false)

Or converted the field to bool