SSRS Breaking/Routing Public Cloud


So i have a SS Breaking Routing Rule on the PO form. I had copied the report style and created the routing (this was on premise). We upgraded to Public cloud and i am trying to modify the routing but i get the error that i need to be a global admin. I believe this is bc its a system report. What do i need to do to re create the PO form so i can modify/create a routing to email the Po form? I copied the RDD but not sure regarding the report in report style. Any help will be appreciated.


Copy the Report Style to your own version.

I copied the report style to see if that was the case but the create breaking/routing option is still grey out. The only time the option is not greyed out is on BAQ reports.

Did you copy your version or the base version? Also what was the Report Type and Output Location?

I copied the base version. When i was on premise it was working but now not in the cloud. Is there anything i am missing?

Once a Break Routing is applied to a style, some of the style’s fields become read only. Particularly the Data Definition (RDD).

I always suggest making a copy of the RDD, then specifying the Copy of the RDD in the new Style to have the B/R. You won’t be able to change the selected RDD for the style. But if it’s referencing a copy of a system RDD, you’ll be able to update the copy of the RDD (system RDD’s cannot be edited).

Also, I think the table to break on, becomes Read Only once you start designing the B/R.

THANK YOU! i copied the original style and recreated the B/R and its working now!

i was copying my report style before and not the standard report style. Must be a bug on the conversion