SSRS Breaking/Routing Rules - Unable to see tables/fields existing on RDD


I am currently configuring Routing Rules for PackSlip, I will need to pull information from CustCnt which I have added to my RDD (table and relationship) but I don’t see it on the list of available tables/fields. Am I missing something?

Thank you!

Quick question, did you refresh the report style maintenance and chose the correct RDD on the report style?

Hi Alan,

I did, I have been using the modified RDD for the SSRS report as well and that one is pulling the fields without a problem.

Go to the Exclusion subtab, there is where you would see the columns. Also, if you dont see anything there. Try saving it first, then changing tables and the select it again.
Hope this helps!

Stupid question coming, but typically the scroll bar appears when there are more tables. Mine below shows it when CustCnt is missing. I assume you scrolled down? If so, and still missing, can you post a screen shot of your relationship for CustCnt?

Hi Dan, here are the screehshots of how I have my configuration:

  1. RDD

  2. Breaking and Routing

  3. When trying to select the table CustCnt to pull EmailAddress, there is no scroll down and it does not display the table.

Am I missing something? Thank you!

Hi Mario, in this case I am missing the table, not the columns. Thank you!

So do you mean that you don’t see it in the SSRS once you donwload the report? Normally whenever I add a table, I use definition only, I see that you have Output, and also sometimes whenever they are EPICOR std, the fields would appear in the main report table and not in a separate table.

Hope this helps!

Hi Mario, I am trying to get the CustCnt table to be displayed on the Breaking/Routing rules, I need to send an email to CustCnt.EmailAddress but I don’t see the table on the list of available ones.

Can you try joining CustCnt to ShipDtl? The join should be Company, CustNum and ShipConNum, I believe.This seems to work fine this way but does not work when joining to OrderHed. I more want to see if this work for you and not necessarily a solution. My theory here is that the tables that have current relationships showing will work if you join to one of them. If the table does not have a relationship that you are trying to join to (i.e. OrderHed) it will not work.

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I had no idea the same fields for the link were available on ShipDtl table, this totally solves my problem.

Thank you very much!