SSRS Header - Page Numbers centered on page 2+?!

So, I made a simple change (so I thought): added an additional logo in the header of an existing SSRS report. On pages 2+, the logo (along with other header information) is set to be not visible via the code: =Globals!PageNumber>1

NOW, however, the “page 1 of 5” goes from upper right on page 1, to perfectly centered on pages 2+. Does this jump out to any of you as an obvious omission on my part?


Basically, SSRS is hiding the object that you placed, and it is shifting everything from the right, to fill in that now “free” space.

It is a little hard to explain but if you place another Rectangle into the Page Header so that it “holds” everything to the right of it in place, then it will work. There are some report examples that you can see where the Epicor designers have done a similar thing.
Look at the POForm report and see if there isn’t something like this in those areas where the addresses and things are laid down. In that case, it is actually keeping fields from moving up vertically.

Kind of like this example. The Job information does not print for every record, so use a Rectangle to “pin” against all the fields on the right and they will not move.

This is super helpful (and IMO bad on SSRS design). I’ve added a blank rectangle to “hold” the logo and it worked. Thank you!