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So, not so much a question as in needing ideas. I am looking at part number specifically to certain Class ID and the total number of those parts sold. That part was very easy. However, some of these parts, for the report, they want me to combine the numbers. In my limited knowledge I don’t see how this is possible. I’ve already set the bar low and told them I don’t think it’s possible, but any ideas on how to handle would be greatly appreciated.

What do you mean combine the numbers?

So the report has part number, description, then a calculated field (required qty X qty per parent). Some of these parts, the only difference is the size. SO they wanted me to do this by part color and combine the black in black, gold in gold, etc. and then combine all the numbers associated with those.

You can do this simply if you use a group by you’ll have to have a way of grouping them by something that is common among the parts? The part numbers are different… is there a field that is the same in all these parts you want to group?

I’ll have to look a little deeper and see. Mostly cause I am not fully sure yet. My guy says no, but I want to see some facts on this first.

Is the part color stored as class id? If so you should be able to do what you are searching to do.

one view would be group by part
one view would be group by class id

many different ways to present this to the users in the report writer.

So here’s what I am running across. As an example, we have part number xxx.xx716dbk and part number xxx.xx817dbk. Both are black and the difference is in the size of material. These two materials they want to combine into one heading in the report. The only way I know of is to do each part individual in different BAQ’s. Not something I want to do.

Note: all the other part numbers are same as example.

Is xxx.xx the same?

You could do some string manipulation if all parts follow the same pattern. As long as I have been coding, there are always exceptions that come back to be a pain in the tush. If you go down this path it would not be that difficult to create a calculated field as the ‘xxx.xx’ and then add ‘bk’ Again this works great if everything is standardized as you will be able to group by this calculated field.

another way would be to add a custom field that is the xxx.xxbk then you can use that field for grouping.

They are the same to each color, but not across the board. So how would I calculate this field?

is the xxx.xx a static number of char?

you could create a calculated field
newfield in BAQ
left(Part.PartNum, 6)+right (Part.PartNum,2)

Otherwise it would better off to create a UD field to describe the group, as each exception will drive you mad.

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I can try that and see how it works out. But, I think I’m just gonna say no for now. LOL! Got enough on my plate and don’t need to go mad. I’ll just have it go to excel and they can do some quick math in excel. Save me the headache. Thanks for the thoughts and info, but I think a UD would be best, but not going to do that at this time.