SSRS PO Report - Adding Terms and Conditions

Hello folks,

I’m trying to add a terms and conditions page to the SSRS PO report, but I’m not having a lot of luck. I’m having issues with the header/footer displaying where it shouldn’t or it printing too early.

Has anyone had any luck doing this? If so, what methods did you take to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

Mr. Dusty: The Header/Footer areas in SSRS are not “data enabled”.

I have created a row in the PONum group footer and placed my T&C in that one row. You can set the Rectangle property “Add a page break before” so the T&C will always start on a new page. You can then use a formula to suppress your header and footer info for the last page.

Although - this may be a good time to ask - why use a T&C page on your PO’s at all. Almost all companies now have a single sentence that says “Please see http://www.ourcompanyname/TermsAndConditions” (or something similar) instead of a T&C page. It is easier to update and causes less paperwork.

It is also not uncommon to establish a Terms and Conditions Document that is signed by the Vendor acknowleding your T&C.