SSRS Report Designer

Just doing my first modifaction of a SSRS report. Leave it to Microsoft to make something harder to use than CR.

Does a “Can Shrink Property” set to TRUE, act like CR’s “Suppress Blank” ?
(assuming the SSRS’s fields value is blank)

Since I’m more comfortable in making reports in CR, I’d prefer to do everything CR. Any reason to avoid using SSRS and CR?


The transition from CR to SSRS will frustrate you in the beginning, and it will take some time. You’ll see some functions are more difficult, then learn a lot of them are easier. Formatting and aligning fields is much faster in SSRS

Remember to use textboxes for fields, this will save you a lot of headaches.
Right click on the textbox and choose Text Box Properties. Click on Visibility on the left menu bar. To suppress the field use Show or hide based on an expression. Add your expression using the editor. Important note, Set Expression for Hidden.

The same Visibilty function can be used for a row, column, or tablix.

Bryan DeRuvo

Is there an easy way to suppress a blank row? Or do I have to make an expression that evaluates every field in the row?

Something like

= IIF((LEN(ReportItems!TxtNeedByDate1) + LEN(ReportItems!TxtSellingReqQty) + LEN(ReportItems!TxtShipViaCode_Description) … and so on … ) = 0, TRUE, FALSE)