I added a SSRS report to Report style to the Material Tag. You can select it from the drop down when you click the print tags button in MES, but it errors with SOAP Fault: An attempt was made to set a report parameter ‘TableGuid’ that is not defined in this report.

This is a custom SSRS report it’s not a copy of an existing one. Based on the error I am getting do I need to include a GUID field on the report. If so, do you know the parameters for the field.


Erp.UI.MaterialTag (or whatever the Epicor module is called) is still sending a TableGuid to your custom report, and either it or SSRS is throwing your “failed to set parameter” error when it can’t find TableGuid on the report side.

If you’re not using the ReportDB Guid, how are you even selecting records for the tag?