SSRS Report Header: Is there a way to Print out "Do not Receive" If the PO is not approved?

Creating an SSRS using a BAQ for a PO Tracker. It was requested to add “Do Not Receive” if the Approval checkbox on a PO is unchecked.
=First(Fields!POHeader_Approve.Value, “BAQReportResult”)
Currently on the Header the results will either be True or False.
Is it possible to put logic that If it is true make it blank and if it is False then “Do Not Receive”?
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Yes indeed

=iif(First(Fields!POHeader_Approve.Value, “BAQReportResult”) = TRUE, " ",“DO NOT RECEIVE: PO NOT APPROVED”)

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That only holds true though, for printing a single PO, as you have used the First expression. Maybe you have done this because you were trying to add the flag in the Header of the SSRS report.
If you want to make it work for multiple PO’s, you would need a different idea.

There is also a setting in company config that might work? Of course this has nothing to do with the report though. @Michael_Ramsey


I love some “enforcement” as opposed to “suggestion” good find.

There is a setting on Company Configuration under Modules>Materials>Shipping Receiving.

Vinay Kamboj

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