SSRS Report - Label Sizing

I am creating a label in SSRS. It needs to fit on 3 (wide) by 1.5 (high) inches. Is there any exact dimensions for the tablix, rectangle, textboxes, and/or barcode field that will stop the “creeping” when printing to a PDF. The label runs fine in SSRS. What I mean is, if I want 3 labels, I get 3 labels, but the PDF is 4 pages. I have removed all padding for textboxes. I set the tablix and rectangle to be 2.75 x 1.25. Is the “Can Grow” property affecting this label? It seems that True is the default. Please advise, pulling my hair out trying to make this label work in PDF. Thanks Tony

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do you have “consume container whitespace” set to true? at the report settings level.

Try setting this to True if it’s not already.


Thanks Utah!! That did it! It was great seeing you at Insights.


Great to see you too Tony!

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EDIT: I see you already did!