SSRS Report Rendered to Word - Breaking Large Tables to Speed Up Word

Good morning,
I am working on a report that I built with Report Builder 3.0. The report lists lots of part numbers and some stats for each part. The parts are sorted by due date. When I export this report into Word, the resulting table is too big for Word to process effectively. Thus I am stuck waiting a long time just to interact with Word. After some research it seems that very large tables (particularly tables with rows that span multiple pages), are not very efficient in Word. (see: Redirecting)

My goal is to break the table into multiple tables to increase performance in Word. To accomplish this, I took my original table in report builder and copied it. For the tablix settings, I set the filter to show only the bottom 50% based on my index field. For the second copy of the first tablix, I changed the filter to only show the top 50%. Theoretically, I think this approach would work for any number of table copies as long as you set the filters correctly. Ideally I think each (part) group would be its own table. But that means I would have to dynamically create a table for every group. I don’t think this is possible.

Is there a better approach to exporting reports from report builder into Word, that allows Word to break the tables for optimal efficiency?

Does anyone else export large table reports into Word? If so, how do you handle the performance drop issue?

Thanks for your time!

Having played with the Word docs produced by SSRS, I seem to recall that it treats the whole report as a table, and not just your tablixes (tablii?).

Hahaha! Tablii, I love it!

I made a report that lists Parts, with two identical tablixes, but the first filters PartNUms < “AD”, and the second filters PartNums >= “AD”

While that does make two distinct tables, I selected the first (using the table grip pointed to by the arrow), and filled it in green. Then selected the second, and filled it in yello(-ish)

But with some very precise hovering, I can select the table that makes up the whole body of the document. I filled it orange(-ish)

So you just end up with tables inside of tables.

Dang Calvin! You are just full of wrenches huh? Seriously though, thanks for that confirmation.
I guess I am back at square one again.

Does anyone know a way of breaking tables in an SSRS that is exported to Word? That is, without having to open the document in Word and manually break the table.

FWIW - I only confirmed that it creates tables within the tables.

If your single tablix design creates a table with 1000 rows, and you break that into two tablixes of 500 rows each, that makes a nested table, with the outer table having just 2 rows, and each of those two rows having a table with 500 rows each.

Maybe Word just dislikes really long tables. Like if a BOM could only have 100 children. But each child could have its own 100 children.

Worth testing