SSRS Reports from 10.2.500


I am having issues regarding custom reports in the process of upgrade to Kinetic 2021.1.

Since this version forces to upgrade to SQL Server 2017 or 2019, and SSRS gets uninstalled we assumed that we could create a solution with the reports(RDD and Report Styles) as we normally do to migrate the reports to another server.

However, this process failed. I had some trouble with support but eventually we got to Dev Support and the process finally imports without errors in the latest patch(the bug was reported already)

Yet, the reports still don’t work. In the log we see that fields are not available(by example Calc_TotAdvBillingAmount in ARForm) so it doesn’t generate the report. Did any of you have this issues also? I am guessing I will have to create the reports again but this seems something that would create a lot of problems to another companies(we have just about 8 custom reports only).

The solution .cab has both the RDDs and RDLs, so I guess this is an issue regarding the original RDD that might have too many structures changed.

I forgot to mention, the issue at the process of install solution was solved somewhere between 2021.1.4 and 2021.1.9.

Thanks in advance

We tested all of the custom reports when we tested the upgrade. We had to go into some of the RDDs and define those fields so the custom reports would work again.

Look at the stock ARForm and look for the calculated field: TotAdvBillingAmount

Create that same field in your RDD for your custom report.

Thank you, Doug, I was in fear that they had to recreate them from scratch, still going to every RDD to include those missing ones is still a bummer.

Lucky for us, we don’t have that many custom reports, but I do believe this process should be more efficient for the customer considering that Epicor pretty much forces us to upgrade continuosly.

Thanks again!