SSRS Routing/Breaking: From Address DB location

Does Epicor store the From email address used in email templates in routing/breaking? I would like to standardize the address used to send reports.

We just set the FROM in the EMAIL template as the same email in Company Maintenance > Email and Reporting tab.

I thought that at first but I have templates that use email1@domain and other reports that use email2@domain. email1 matches company maintenance email, email2 does not. email2 is no longer with the company so I need to find and change all reports with that email.

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Trevor, each template that you submit can use a different alias. So it’s probably report specific.

Query the ice.SysTaskParam table for all of the reports that you have scheduled and find the FROM address field.

Or if these aren’t scheduled reports, go find all your reports that use a breaking and routing you’ll have to open up the email widget and check the FROM address there.

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There’s probably a table to query that you can find the breaking and routing settings, but I’ve never looked into it or had to do what you’re doing

Looks like that info is stored in ice.ReportStyleRule in XML

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