SSRS Scheduled Jobs to clean up report tables

That sounds like a job for SQL profiler :grinning:

In my Epicor 10.1.400.16 environment, I see only three rows remaining from the Ice.sysRptLst table. Which should be gone by 15:54:34 today:

With regard to the list error message in the Event Log, I did not see such a Error about unable to purge the target folder files.

Thanks for the clarification Bart. I’ve setup a SQL Query that will clear the old tables from the Report database older than the archive period on the Task Agent (in our case 2 days). I’d be happy to show it to you if you think it’d help.

I used @asmar’s query to check for orphans in the ICE table every so often:

Select * from Ice.SysRptLst where (CreatedOn <= GETDATE() - 2) order by CreatedOn

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Blanket approach is always a concern but hopefully that is safe for your domain. I REALLY want to know how these these are getting missed. We had an issue internally with SaaS and still have not found the smoking gun - still monitoring. I can go off and build out a new subsystem but would like to justify that against other needs (Want to see my Backlog? sigh).

Ideas always welcome!


Thank you Randy and Bart.

Seems to work as it’s excluding anything under two days old and other needed tables. We have a backup of the Reports database just in case however. I’ll try to email you.


“SQL Profiler” sounds like the newest CSI or NCIS spinoff. :wink:


Or a character in the next TRON.