SSRS Security in Report Manager

I wondering what is the best way to manage SSRS report permissions and are there alternatives?
I know we can create AD groups and I can set those groups up to allow access to the report folders or reports. But is there any other ways that I can integrate Epicor security groups or Sharepoint groups into SSRS permissions?

Im trying to avoid managing the reports at a User level when I build a new SSRS report and need 15 people to have access to it.

BAQ Reports, Built-in Reports (RDD based), or both?

Also, how granular? By report, or as fine as by report style?

If I’m doing SSRS Report is because I built it with SQL to get the data. Usually Stored procedures. I dont think i can integrate those with BAQ reports.

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So you want security outside of E10.

I wanted to see what options there are for SSRS report manager security other than AD groups.

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SSRS security uses Local server users/groups and AD user/groups.

“in the old days” of sharepoint 2010 we used to pass a generic epicor username to the epicor webpart plugins and use the windows user ID to match the output to an epicor user domain user ID. This only used one licence/sesion for the entire site and the security was “passed” from the windows user logged into sharepoint to the epicor dcduserid within the queries. Since the newer versions of sharepoint dont have the epicor web parts I have not found a workaround for this but i suppose you could use REST.

You might try opening the report viewer in an Iframe that is programmed to pass a generic account security info through programming…


Thank you William.
I think we will have to do the AD groups.