SSRS server side error

I have a version of the Stock Status report that is throwing an error. It uses the original StkStat RDD, and was working fine. Now I get the following error in Report Builder:

Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'LEFT'.
Query execution failed for dataset 'Part'. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)
An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)

I’ve gone through the RDL and can’t even find an expression that uses the LEFT function. Or is the LEFT being mentioned in the error actually related to the query?

Any ideas as to how to hunt this down?

Mr. Calvin: I just checked the standard report AND the two subreports.

You are right - there are NO LEFT joins on the standard reports.

Is it possible you clicked on the dreaded “Sync Dataset” button on the report style. That function has messed many an RDL.

I would suggest trying the stock report - then maybe download and upload the stock report to your custom location and then MANUALLY add any added tables.


Yes I did click the Synch Dataset for the one report that is giving me problems.
Do RDL files actually exist on the SSRS server? or are they virtual files that actually only reside as a set of DB records? In other words, is it possible to recover an earlier version of an RDL, like from the previous nights backup?

I’m usually pretty good at not messing with a working RDL (I use Save As first). But this was one of those times I didn’t.