Static nesting

We are trying to get Epicor to help us identify/plan when there are parts that exist in a static nest for our plasma tables. Example, we run a sheet of steel that will produce 6 different part numbers from the same material and would like a way for Epicor to know that if we need part A it will also come with parts B-F. We currently use Batch jobs from the tables and that seems to work fine but the static nests cause a lot of manual job creation. Can anyone point me in a good direction?

If you’re using Job Batching then you have the Advanced Production module, which also includes Co-Parts. This sounds precisely like what you need… a single job will produce some quantity(ies) of part multiple part numbers. The quantities of the output parts does NOT need to be the same, and you can allocate percentages of cost to each finished output part.

Is there any documentation on how to setup the Co-Parts correctly?

Welcome Seth!

What version are you on? If you are on E10 there is a Advanced Production Education document (if you’re licensed for Education, it will be available in your Demo environment… let me know and I’ll tell you how to track it down).

If you’re in Kinetic, go to the help icon (question mark lower left of the window) and type “Co-Parts” in the search bar… it will open a web page about how to enter co-parts in Job Entry.

You can also create them as part of your MOM.

Hi Ernie,

We are in version

We currently use Batch and co-parts when creating jobs but would like to have the system know when running MRP what goes with what. The parts are not technically concurrent, they are sequential.

I’m not sure what we are licensed for, not sure if we have a Demo environment. I have poked around many forums and even some documentation but have been unsuccesful.

So you’re in Kinetic (that’s what Epicor is calling version 11 out in public). Better and better.

Click on the help icon:


enter “co-parts” in the search bar, and click on “Entering Co-Parts in Job Entry”. That will bring you to a web page describing how to add them.