-> Live Systems Status Update for the Epicor Cloud

Just ran across this link

Which appears to be a status dashboard with HOOKS! (GASP) to Epicor’s Cloud Offerings!

For those of us that are clouded this is an invaluable tool

Maybe someone at @Epicor can chime in / clarify?


Finally!! I have requested this in tickets before, hope it actually works. Now if they could just add a button somewhere to restart the printing service too and half my interactions with the cloud team would be removed.

Maybe… Just maybe… Jose puts a hyperlink somewhere on top right corner called “Epicor Cloud Status” :slight_smile:

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This is the status form our cloud reliability centre the team that watches the teams that monitor all things cloud across our verticals. It’s intended to be a source of truth. We have plans for self service for the things that make sense but that’s not ready yet. We hear you though.