Std Parts or Customization?

I am the Epicor admin for our company. We manufacture precast concrete buildings - this meaning ever piece we manufacture is different. My production manager does not want to deal with 1000s or parts, rather wants to have a base part (REBAR, PLATE) and add some custom fields to distinguish the different parts by attribute (grade, finish, coating, etc). The custom fields would be there at PO entry, flow into Lot entry and each Lot would have one part with one unique set of attributes. Same on the job. We import our job BOMs with the attributes loaded into the custom fields on the job material and have a dashboard showing us demand per unique part w/attributes. What is your take on this?

Have you looked at configurator?

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Does configurator create a unique part for each configuraiton?

Yes, it can.


With the configurator you would set up a part in the part master and some kind of template MOM. The part number could be something like CONCRETEBUILDING.

When you save the configuration, you can have the configurator do one of the following:

  • Leave the part number at CONCRETEBUILDING
  • Have the configurator build a unique Part-On-The-Fly part number that is not kept in the part master
  • Have the configurator build a unique part number that is created in the part master and stays there for eternity

In any case, transactions are recorded in PartTran, so you can track sales, etc.

Hope this helps.


It sounds like you are also talking about generic components (REBAR, PLATE). If you have separate component part #s, then MRP and PO suggestions would flow with core functionality. I would suggest you walk a couple samples through on paper - from part creation through procurement and production (e.g. receiving process and put away, pulling from stock/hold area).