Stock provision report format maintenance

Could any guide me on setting up the stock provision report format. i would like to start using the excess stock provision report, but unfortunately no codes were built into the system . So some guidance would be awesome.

You can set up stock provision codes in “Stock Provision Report Format” menu.

I would navigate there and then open up the “help” to see the details on getting them set up for use.

There are (3) “Types”… Slow Moving, Excess, & Aging.

There are (2) out-of-the-box Aging codes set up (which you use with the Stock Aging Report. “Annual” & “Obsolete”.

But you’re correct, there are no out-of-the-box “Excess” codes. So, create a new code, choose “Excess” as the type… and then set up the time fram buckets, etc. Then you can access that new code when running the Excess Stock Provision Report.