Stock Status Report Confusion

I have been tasked with adding StdBurdenCost to the Stock Status Report and I’m super confused. The main SSRS report uses a subreport called ‘StockStatus_Activity’ which queries the ‘StkActivity_GUID’ report table.


  1. Even though I set an archive period, that StkActivity_GUID table does not have any stored values (however, the parent report Part_GUID table does have stored values).

  2. Even more confusing, when I open the StkStatus RDD I see 6 data sources (Company, Part, PartClass, Plant, StkActivity, and StkPart), but I cannot find the fields referenced in the sub report query. Aren’t the fields referenced in the SSRS queries directly tied back to the the RDD that generates the temp report tables? If so, how is the RDD generating the fields below? I don’t see them mentioned on any exclusions table… so confused!

    =“SELECT T1.Company,T1.ExtCost,T1.LegalNumber,T1.MtlBurUnitCost,T1.Multiplier,T1.PartNum,T1.LotNum,T1.TranDate,T1.TranQty,T1.TranType,T1.UnitCost,T1.WarehouseCode
    FROM StkActivity_” + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T1"

In this case (because the RDD for SSR is so “complex”) I’d make a subreport with it’s own datasource, that has Company Plant WareHouse and PartNum as input parameters, and returns the one value for that combo.

And a great big warning … SSR really shouldn’t be used for inventory values. If you run it for a prior date it will calculate the QOH for that date, but use the current costs.

You might get away with it because you use Std Costing which should only change when you change it.