Stock Status Report ignoring "Include Non-Stock Items" option

The “Include Non-Stock Items” option in the SSR dialog doesn’t seem to apply.

I get items on the report that have their Non-Stock flag set, whether the option checkbox is marked or not.

Anyone else have this issue?


I tested my SSRS Stock Status on 10.1.400.17 and it is working properly. Non-Stock parts ARE included when I select the “Include Non-Stock Items”.

Could it be a QtyBearing checkbox that is causing your missing Non-Stock?


My problem is that ALL parts are showing.

In V8 we leave this box unchecked, and parts with the Non-stock flag set are excluded.

In E10, the parts show regardless of that option.

Have you checked that the “non-stock” flag is set properly on the plants
tab, not just on the part detail tab? In other words do you have a
mis-match against the non-stock setting between the two tabs? The reports,
MRP, etc will use the plant non-stock setting, not the part detail tab

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That was the problem. The PartPlant Non-Stock flag differed from the Part.Non-Stock.

I assumed that with only one Plant, the Part Plant entries would be created during Part upload via DMT.