Stock Status Report is NOT balancing to General Ledger (Inventory G/L)

Hello All,
We just went live on May 1st and our Inventory G/L is showing higher amount (approx. 15K ) than the value showing in stock status report. Just wondering if anyone can give me some areas to check to see why G/L is higher than the stock status report ? Thank you in Advance.

Any general gl entries to the accounts? Check the dates on the reports to verify they’re the same as the fiscal period…I know that sounded dumb, but it’s happened several times so I thought I’d just throw that in too. If the delta you are out on raw materials is the same or close to the delta you are out on finished goods, check your part classes. There may be a part class or gl control code out of sync.

Also, from my experience at least, the stock status report is complete trash and shouldn’t be relied on from a valuation perspective but the counts should be good. It doesn’t do well with the unit cost when you have processed transactions in a period after the one you are running the report for. If you run the same report for the same day a few months later, with no transactions in the periods prior to that report date, you may very well get a different number on the report.

All that said, we do an inventory roll forward every month which simulated the stock status report but the costs are correct. After the first time, it doesn’t take a ton of time. Then when this doesn’t balance we need to troubleshoot all the same issues.

Assuming that your difference is more than just the costs on the report being wrong, then here are a few more things to check if you can’t find the answer from Claudia’s list.

-Run the Inv/WIP Recon. Do you have any of the following?
-PUR-STK going to a non-inventory G/L Account
-PUR-UNK going to an inventory G/L Account
-Anything directly from a non-PO AP Invoice going to an inventory G/L
-Does your starting inventory balance match the G/L? How did you bring over your starting inventory balance?
-Anything in your review journal?
-Any unposted transaction prior to the date of your report?

You could check if every transaction is posted. Stock status might give you the real deal since it has the transaction part. On the other hand Inventory G/L, my guess is that it is showing only posted transaction, so if you have sold more than you have put into place and haven’t run a capture process it might be the reason why your numbers are off.

I would do a PartTran BAQ and put special attention int othe Posted to GL column. Look for transactions that are taking money off the inventory like STK-CUS, DMR-REJ, STK-MTL, among other ones.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Mario, Will try this……

Thanks Mike,

I did check all your listed items below, still have variance that I can’t accounted for. Only think is that I don’t have Stock Status report from May 31st, may be the issue with the report that you are referring to…

Wonder I we can chat over the phone to see if there is anything else I’m missing… Prasad

Thanks Claudia. Dates and fiscal period is correct, Also all part class and G/L controls setup properly.