Stock Status Report Timing

I can’t seem to figure out when I run the stock status report and select an “as of date” if it is COB of the date selected or the morning.
My gut tells me “as of” would indicate 11:59pm on the date selected but can anyone confirm?
Also if anyone can point me in the direction of how they figured that out I would appreciate that as well.

I’m pretty sure its close of business. The technical definition would be, “including transactions that happened on that date”.

A way to check it would to be to run it with two successive dates, where you know a qty change happened on the second date. Does the second date (the more recent one), show a QOH difference from the first (older one), which is equal to the transactions that happened on the second date?

If you don’t run on weekends, then compare the output for dates from Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon. I’d say that the report from Friday matches both Saturday’s and Sunday’s. And Monday’s differs by the transactions that happened on Monday.

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Ditto. I never had a reason to try it at 11:58 pm or anything, but I think we are on safe ground in saying it is everything through that date.

And it’s transaction date, right? Not system date. (Meaning: if you transact something right now, but backdate it to Jan 31, it should show up on the report for January.)

Also, there are many problems with this report, FYI.

Mainly that the costing is not based on the date. Not an issue if you use STD costing, but very much so if you use LAST or AVG.

I believe the basic way the report runs is to take the current QOH, and back out all the transactions that happened ON OR AFTER the date you entered.

If the current QOH is 100, and a STK-MTL tran qty of 50 happened on 2/1, then running it it with a date of 2/2 would show a qty of 100. As would running it with a date of 2/1. While a date of 1/31 would show a qty of 150.

I appreciate all of the feedback.
I knew I could manually test it, just didn’t want to, to be honest.

(stepping out of my knowledge comfort a bit)
I was hoping someone had a BPM process or something that would clearly show exactly when the data is compiled.

For now, I will just manually check, but I would agree it wouldn’t be logical for it to be the start of the day.