Stock Status to excel

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Is there a way to export Vantage default reports to an excel file?
Specifically I am trying to export the stocked status report.

-Dave Schnorr

I use the export utility each month to export the Stock Status file.
The end Value comes out very close, to the point that I do not investigate
the difference.
I then use excel to sort out potential exceptions like:
High Values
High costs
No costs
Purchased parts with labor charged
Built parts with no burden or labor,
Negative counts.
It creates a sort of ABC count routine for our Inventory control people.

I have not looked at the export program in years.
If you want to go that route, let me know.
I know it is simple, because I wrote it.
It works for me.

On another note,
Our auditors have a canned program that converts text files to excel very
This is where you print to screen and copy the temporary text file from
They ran all the GL reports, Agings, Inventory, WIP, and those type reports
through this workaround and it worked out OK.

I could also get that info, since I am not finding it at the moment.

Let me know.


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