Stocked Parent, Non-Stocked Component - Costing question

Is anyone else finding this a problem with costing?

On version 9.05.700C.  Looked through forum to 2012 and didn't find anything similar. 

Here's the situation:  We have Stocked Qty-Bearing Manufactured items that have Non-stocked Qty-Bearing Purchased components.  The Non-stocked Purchased components are at Last Cost, the Stocked Manufactured parents are at Std Cost.  When we do a cost roll-up, the cost of the Non-stocked Purchased item is not rolling into the cost of the parent Stocked Manufactured item. 

Anyone have an idea how we solve this one?

Renee | EMT International

Hi Renee,

I've had a few issues with jobs dropping costs.

Sorry I don't remember specific details off the top of my head.

I do remember it can happen in various ways.

i.e. the combination of Stock/NonStock and costmethods in use...

if there were sub-assemblies....

and/or when transactions were taking place

I do remember the job tables contained most of the data I needed to unravel my cost issues.

Good luck..

Thanks.  Do you know if natively Epicor can be set up for proper costing of Stocked parents with Non-stocked components?  :)