Stop MFG-STK when Inspection required is checked on Sub Contract PO

Hey guys we are trying to plunge into the Epicor Inspection world. Most everything is going well but we are having trouble when we require inspection on Purchase orders tied to Jobs. The problem is that even though the Transaction becomes PUR-INS within the job nothing stops a person from performing the MFG-STK operation right after. Does anyone know of a way to stop the MFG - STK until the part gets approved in the inspection processing dashboard and goes back to the subcontract (INS-SUB)?

@LexLawnjac This is a unique situation but the data to make that stop does exist. I have a similar stop for MFG-STK which is on preprocessing or ReceiptsFromMfg.PreUpdate. I took that and some coding syntax from @hkeric.wci to make a routine that should work. Emphasis on should as I have no way to test this. Just add a custom code block and paste in the code IN A DEV SYSTEM. Assuming it passes check syntax then see try to create the not completed inspection scenario and attempt to issue to mfg.

check insp sample.cs (1.3 KB)

@gpayne thanks for the code. I will check it out and let you know how this turns out. I do have a question, this is meant for the manufacturing to stock dashboard correct?

This would be hit from Job Receipt to Inventory in the inventory management / general operations menu. If you guys have a dashboard that does receipts then similar code could check and stop the receipt.