Stop Work Order Time Charging Until Material is Issued

We have just started using the production module (3 months in). The accounting department is issuing material to the job after it closes, but they want the material issued at saw cut (first step in all work orders). is there a universal flag that can be set to force the shop supervision to issue the material, preferably something that stops the saw from charging the job until the material is issued?

We are using the Web Based version of Epicor 11.

Thanks in Advance

@markamccain Welcome. This is a wizard way to stop a start activity if ANY material is not issued to this job. You may have to play with query and decide if it is a stop or a warning. I give our kitters a dashboard of what is coming up for the week, so they know what is expected to be kitted and not just the stop when they don’t.

If you can’t import I will do screenshots. It is fairly basic.

E10 stop start activity.bpm (29.4 KB)