Stopping Production from working on all jobs for a customer

With the Coronavirus situation, we had a customer ask us to hold all open orders until they give approval to resume. As a result we want to stop production from issuing materials or labor on any corresponding jobs. To achieve this I understand I can find all open orders the customer has, then from each order find all open jobs, and then unrelease or unengineer every job. This sounds a bit tedious and possibly error prone but I think will work(I can create a one off query to double check my work).

Is there a better way?

That is pretty much the only way to do this, BUT you can make a BAQ that will search for all these jobs.

  • BAQ would have 4 tables:
    1. Customer - Filter on Customer ID
    2. OrderHed - Join to Customer, Filter Open Orders only
    3. JobProd - Join to OrderHed,
    4. JobHead - join to JobProd, filter only jobs that are NOT Complete.
      Display the following fields in the BAQ:
    5. OrderHed.OrderNum
    6. Customer.CustID
    7. JobHead.JobNum
      On the BAQ, there is a tab called BAQ Search.
    8. select JobNum and push it to the right side.

Now, you can go into JobEntry, press search, and then use BAQ Search to find all the jobs that need fixed… you can select all of them, and then go through them to fix.
For “Advanced” feature, you could also turn this BAQ into an Updatable Dashboard by adding the Released and Engineered checkbox to the BAQ, and make them updatable. The Dashboard could also ask which customer you are interested in.

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Hi Tim,

Can you clarify how to filter on the Customer ID? When I set up the BAQ and run it from Job Entry, it brings in all jobs rather than allowing me to specify a cust ID.



Hard to describe… but here goes…
in BAQ, under ACTIONS, you can choose “Define PARAMETER”… add a new parameter… When you do this, you are telling the BAQ that every time it runs, ask you for the customer ID.
Then in the QUERY, you add a condition that states the CustID = the Parameter @CustomerID… then link Customer to OrderHed to JobProd to JobHead… display the Job Number. Filter OrderHed so only open orders show… filter jobhead so only open jobs show. Also, if you click on the join between Customer and orderHed, you will find that it links the BillToCustomer (BTCustNum)… you might want to change this to just the sold to customer (CustNum)
I just did this on another customer’s system and it took me about 3 minutes.

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Thanks Tim! Got it - I guess I was being a little slow yesterday… I’ve done this before but the synapses weren’t firing.


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