Stored Procedure

Im not sure how your doing it but I always need to write the query as
"Select * from Openquery(Vantage,'Select * from pub.part') as tblPart

Where "Vantage" is, put the name of your linked server that you set up.

Hope that helps,

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I have created a simple stored procedure through SQL Explorer.
When I am running "SELECT * from sysprogress.sysprocedures" I can see
the procedure is there.

Now when I call the procedure, "call getcustname();" I am getting:

== SQL Exception 1 ===
[JDBC OpenEdge Driver]:Failed during dynamic load of Java dynamic
library. Reason = [126]The specified module could not be found.

The procedure is below:

Create Procedure getCustName ()
StringBuffer strName = new StringBuffer (50) ;
SQLCursor name_cursor = new SQLCursor("Select Name From pub.Customer ")
while (name_cursor.found ())
strName = (StringBuffer) name_cursor.getValue(1, CHAR);
name_cursor.close () ;

Any help is appreciated