Storing data by lot

How might I store data on a part specific to a lot number?

We have special calibration numbers that we come up with for each specific lot of a material. How/where do I store this?

PartLot table. If you’re talking calibration/quality using advanced quality(configurator) then it probably gets more complicated.

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Much thanks, we aren’t using the configurator so this should be straight forward. I appreciate the help.

PartLot you can extend it using the standard extended UD Table maintenance and store your data there.


The caveat here is that the Epicor Lot Maintenance program is only a view to the table, and not the table itself, so it’s complicated to add UD fields to that program.

I’ve not seen any evidence of this. Only this week I created a customised view of the Lot Maintenance screen, and was able to display UD fields on the form and have them save/update the DB as expected. I would say that if you’ve had issues, it’s because of a bug in a particular version rather than functional gap. I did have a problem with Lot Maintenance screen being able to display UD fields in the binding, but that was version 10.0.700.4.

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