Story to share on Data Collection - Vantage likes to double check e

We have been on Vantage 5.1 for 5 months or so. Two employees on my shop
floor sharing a data collection station asked me why you have to enter your
clock number twice to gain access to the system? They said we never had to
before, what's the deal? I asked them to show me and sure engough one of the
individuals entered their clock number on the main screen and then the
window displayed asking for the employee clock number again along with the
number pad to enter it. I said this is strange I have never seen this
happen. So I logged out the employee and asked them to clock in again so I
could watch exactly what they were doing. If you enter your "Employee ID:"
on the main screen and then click on the "Log In/Out" button instead of just
pressing the "ENTER" key you will have the appearance of needing to enter
your clock number twice because you can clock in two different ways. These
two people have been doing this since we went live 5 months ago. But I have
to agree with them, it does seem very logical to enter your "Employee ID"
and press "Log In/Out" to gain access to the system. I should of told them
this is normal because we like to double check everything.

Patrick Winter
sSc Specialty Screw Corporation
Vantage 5.10.130, Progress 9.1C