Strange appearance in BAQ designer

This is a new one for me …

I opened up a BAQ that has a single table (APInvHed), and a ghost of the APInvHd_UD table appears


It even shows in the Table List

The BAQ would not run with that ghost table in there.

Deleting it allowed it to run, but it did remove my UD field from the BAQ. Luckily the field wasn’t used in any formulas or criteria, else I assume they’d have been deleted too.

Did you check in the data base? It the Dbo view still there?

I’ve already removed that ghost table from the BAQ, and have moved on.

One thing that I did miss, was that mu UD filed was used in the Sort, and that got removed when I removed the ghost table. I was able to add it back in from the APInvHed table, without any problems.