Stuck in Time, Status: Reviewing in 4 RJ

While we were adding in some time for an employee, we made a mistake and filled him in for today, the entire day and our project got messed up. So we went into to adjust it, but we can’t, when we try we get the message below. We cannot adjust this time, we cannot make any changes to this persons time at all. I have logged in as bmullins, but still, even he gets the message.

Anyone know a way to fix this?


“RJ” in this context is probably the Review Journal… meaning this is stuck in Finance (possibly because of the date problem). Wander over to your Finance crew and see if they have a process for clearing this type of entry.


This is the first time we have com up with this, and I make the processes for them… so I have to figure this out, but at least I have a direction now, thank you.

thank you, deleting this entry in Review Journal fixed it, but I don’t know if it only did it for this one issue or for more. Since this is only in testing, its hard to know for sure, I will try to replicate it at some point later. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. In the review, I found the date and time when the issue occurred, and found no way to modify it, so I cancelled the journal entry which gave me the scary message Deletion of journal entry will removal all accounting transactions in the entry and make the source document unposted. Do you still want to delete the entry, just listing things to potentially help others.


but still, this concerns me still, segment value is wrong or inactive