Subassemblies not Scheduling Correctly

Hi All, this is my first ask for help so forgive me if I lack in the technical prowess. We are using Subcontracted Subassemblies to send raw extrusion to the paint facility then that material is sent to us to be received in. When we schedule the job some of the subassemblies do not schedule at all. We have 5 subassemblies and 3 work as expected but the other two do not. I have looked at each and they seem to be set-up identical. Has anyone ran into this issue?

Thank You

Hi Mark,

Are you running MRP to schedule or doing it manually?

We were testing and manually doing it

Only time I have seen jobs not schedule is when we used 90+ lead time constrained parts on the job. Not sure if that helps in this case.



Hi Mark,

Any chance the sub outs were added after the initial scheduling of the job and the job was never rescheduled? What exactly does “subassemblies do not schedule at all” look like?