Subcontract but no receipt needed

Trying to figure out what the best process is for this,the case here is that we’re splitting a job so that we can send pieces to two different subcontractors, one for processing, the other for testing.

The split job will have one subcontract operation that goes for testing, however this is destructive testing so we won’t be receiving the pieces back.

Is there anything in Epicor that handles this? Or would the best practice be to “receive” those pieces back and then reject them through DMR? Also concerned about costs here as well.

There is no “special handling” Epicor offers for outside destructive testing. You have to have the subcontract op, you have to have the PO to capture the cost, and you probably want the Subcontract Shipment to document the logistics.

How I’ve handled this in the past is:

  1. The subcontract PO is set for Receiving Inspection Required;
  2. when the results of the destructive testing are “received”, SOMEONE (often Quality) will perform the Receipt Entry transaction (which puts the items into Inspection Processing)
  3. SOMEONE (usually the same Quality person) fails the parts from Inspection Processing to DMR and then rejects them from DMR Processing.

You had it correct, these are the steps that have to happen. How the specific people are assigned and notified that their tasks need action is really the hard part… but that is a process issue and not really a software issue.

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