Subcontract Operation supplier vs PO Supplier

Hi everyone, we have a case where jobs created for subcontract contains a supplier ID different from the PO that is cut for that subcontract operation.
We are thinking that this should always be the same but Epicor allows these to be different.
This created some problems for us as what carries over to shipping is information on the job but on cases where purchasing selects a different supplier, parts can ship to a wrong supplier.

Do we need to always check and update if needed the supplier entered on the job, to make sure it is the same on the PO.

Are you using PO Suggestions to create the PO or doing it manually?

Hi @jkane we are using PO suggestions, and most of the time purchasing updates/manually select the supplier depending on lead time and availability.

Do they turn the PO Suggestions for Subcontract into POs? I’m wondering if there might be a link between the job and the PO if you change the supplier in PO Suggestions.

Just tested it and it did not work.

It seems like there is no link between them. Supplier can be different between the PO and the job which causes issues. I am wondering how other users approach this.

There is a link until you change the supplier on the PO. If you want to maintain the integrity between the two areas, the buyer should change the supplier on the job and then create the PO.

Thanks @jkane . That makes perfect sense.