Subcontract Operation - Where is Approved Supplier List?

Good morning,
I am looking at the Operation Maintenance form. On here I have setup some subcontractor operations. I have not defined a Primary Supplier. I would like to instead define Approved Suppliers. So I went to Actions > Approved Suppliers and added a couple of vendors. But I don’t see the saved records. I can tell it is going into the AprvVend table, but where do I see this information without running a BAQ? When I open Approved Vendors from the actions menu, it seems like I can only create new approved suppliers, and not review the list of approved suppliers. When I look at the Supplier Price List form, I don’t see anything listed under the SubContract Operations tab.
I am not sure where else to look. What am I missing?

Hi Nate,

Are you using the subcontract section of the supplier price list:


I looked there, but I don’t see anything. When I add approved suppliers for an operation, where should they be displayed?

The method for sub contract calls the spl entry. We don’t use approved supplier functionality yet so can’t comment on that. We do have a few sub contract jobs going through fine.

We look for approved suppliers under Actions Menu of Operation Maintenance

That what I expected too. I can use that action menu item to add approved suppliers, but after I save, it doesn’t show them there. I know they are being saved because it won’t let me create duplicates if I try to add the same one twice.

In our case it shows all the approved suppliers as seen below:

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Gah! Kinetic! I should have known! :slight_smile: Thank you Vinay. The classic form just doesn’t work anymore I guess. The kinetic form showed exactly like we expect it to.