Subcontractor Part Number Setup

When setting up a part number to be a Subcontract Operation, does the part number Type need to be set to Purchased or Manufactured?

Hi Kyle,
A subcontract operation occurs on a job, and normally a job is producing a Manufactured part. The subcontract operation is one step in producing the part. There is nothing stopping you from having a job that produces a Purchased part, but that wouldn’t be typical.

Choosing the appropriate Part Type helps drive behavior in the system to behave in certain ways, but doesn’t lock anything down to a point where you can’t change it. Think of the Part Type as a default, not an absolute.

For example, if you have a part master that is ‘Non-Stock’ and it’s type is ‘Manufactured’, and you add it as a job material, it will be set to ‘Make Direct’. This means you need another job to produce that part. If the Part Type is ‘Purchased’ and you add it as a material on a job, it will default to ‘Purchase Direct’. You can override this default behavior on the job material and check ‘Make Direct’ or ‘Purchase Direct’ manually.

This example doesn’t relate directly to your question, but I wanted to give an example of how the Part Type affects the system’s behavior, and how you can change it if needed.