Subject: FRx vs. F9

Hi Todd,

I used F9 several years ago and it is pretty good, but I like FRx much better. In FRx you create your rows and columns separately so that any row setup can be used with any column setup without recreating a whole report from scratch. I used FRx when we had Platinum and we purchased it when we purchased Vantage.

With Platinum, any change that you made to the GL was immediately updated in FRx, but with Vantage you have to an export.

The only problem we are having is that we have to export year to date data everytime we want an updated financial statement. This means that by then end of the it can take up to an hour. I understand that it is not supposed to work this way, but this issue has never been resolved for us. We had some custom programming done to the export because of our GL account structure, so that may be causing our problem.


You said:

We finally got a quote on a financial reporting packages called F9 which our
new controller is already trained and familiar with. But it looks like due
to the limited number of Vantage sites using it they require custom
programming to "map" the database schema. This makes the total cost a fair
bit more than FRx available from Epicor.

Questions for FRx users (if there are any):
1. Do you like FRx?
2. Does it work as "advertised"?
3. Does the price quoted by Epicor include everything (no hidden custom prog
charges, etc...)? 4. Do you run it on your Vantage server or does it require
its own server? 5. What kind of server resources does it require -
especially disk space? 6. How hard was FRx to learn? 7. Would you buy it
again? 8. Are "reports" or procedures "shareable" (like RB or Crystal)?

We are trying to weigh acquistion costs against FRx learning curve while
still considering future viability for Vantage 8.0.

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.